Why do liberals think someone who makes $200K/year is "rich"?

I hear all these liberals screaming about how its okay to take half of a persons income in the forum of taxes if they make over 0K/year, they say stuff like, "well what do they need it for another yacht" or "so they can get another Ferrari"
Do these small minded people really think that someone who makes 0K/year drives a Ferrari or has a yacht? Do these same people not realize that people who are successful get that way by creating jobs and wealth that everyone benefits from?
I am by no means "rich" but have made over 0K in 5 of the past 7 years and guess what I don’t have a Ferrari, my boat is just a 33.5ft HTM and I don’t fly around in private jets, in fact I drive to Vegas, I live in So Cal, if I don’t make at least 0K a year I can’t afford to live in my house which is nice but is nothing special, I have a vacation home on Lake Havasu and its just a double wide mobile home, because its on a reservation and permanent structures are not allowed, I live a comfortable life but I am by no means rich, every dollar that gets taken away from me in the forum of taxes is one less dollar I can use to build my company which means fewer jobs and lower wages
FYI-I got to where I am by working 70+ hours a week as a loan officer when I was in college, after college I became a loan and real estate broker, 5 years later I sold out and invested in a start up oil and gas company, 3 years later we now have over 80 employees in 3 states, the three of us owners could have 4 times as many employees if we didn’t lose half or our income to taxes

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10 thoughts on “Why do liberals think someone who makes $200K/year is "rich"?

  1. Reality has a Liberal Bias

    "forum of taxes"?

    Do you have examples? I don’t see these statements.

    You’re doing really well compared to the vast majority of Americans — you should feel blessed, not selfish.

  2. CleanConscience

    Everything is relative. Someone who makes 5 times as much as you do probably seems "rich" to you.

  3. a ledgend in my own mind

    Because full time liberals on YA make very little money except for their government checks.

  4. ~-~-Answers!-~-~

    I’m sorry that your yacht is only a 33 footer.

    Do people like you (read: Americans) realize that over a billion people on the planet today (1/6 of the world’s population) still scrape by on salaries of less than $1 USD per day?

  5. zach

    they think that because the majority of americans make UNDER $200K a year and liberals try to spread the wealth amongst everyone while conservatives tend to keep the gap the same or widen it by taxing the ‘poor’. $200K a year might not be very rich in SoCal, but in almost anywhere else in America thats more than enough to live on with a big house, nice cars, boats, etc. Theres not really a perfectly fair idea for a way to tax everyone out there.. someones gonna get hurt by it when they ‘shouldnt’ and people will los jobs when the Govt’s tryin to help them..it happens..welcome to american politics

  6. dansmith1234

    because you could pay 13 fulltime workers at Federal minimum wage on your salary. because you own a boat and two houses,and regularly travel to Vegas for vacations. when you worry that you won’t be able to eat if you miss a day off work, when you own nothing, and all your money goes to subsistence . you can talk about being poor.

    How many people do you employ? Do you provide health insurance to all of them? how many more could you afford to employ if you didn’t gamble away all that money in vegas? and pay for that vacation home? If the choice is to not provide public services, such as police, education, eldercare, and proper armor for our troops. or to tax you to the point where you can’t afford your boat which is better?

  7. Gnosisquest

    Like my friend in "socialist" Norway would have said; $200K is not very much money, and only one vacation home is poverty but he would have called you a liar for he knows that if you hire more workers you do not pay taxes on their costs.

    It is also false to say taxes are going to be increased for people not making more than what you do so I would say you are only here deceiving the ignorant so they will be less likely to call you and those that desire to have a lot of money without much effort phony creep taking advantage of those that do the work.

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