OK business plan here- advice or hole-picking more than welcome…?

I leave University (in the UK, I am British) next year. My plan is to get a business loan and buy a motor yacht, the type with, say, six double berths, sun deck, diver’s platform- you know the type. Then charter it purely as a luxury vessel for long-term holidays, small groups etc etc. My questions are as follows:

1. Would this be a feasible plan?

2. Does it already happen?

3. Could a yacht of this size do long-haul voyages, eg, UK to USA?

Thanks a lot guys and girls, any help or references would be great too! (IE, what qualifications would I need?!). As you can tell it is only a hatchling idea at the moment but I’m hoping my luxury yacht/ global holiday venture will work!

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One thought on “OK business plan here- advice or hole-picking more than welcome…?

  1. yankee_sailor

    I did something similar out of college 30 years ago, when it was alot simpler here in the West Indies…

    first does it happen already? There are probably 500 yachts like your description in the US, Med, and Caribbean……the US Virigin Islands marine charter industry does US$30 million a year in business alone…..

    a boat that will sleep 12 and do luxury excursions will be at least $750,000US to start,and will cost at least $500,000 a year to operate….

    you need licensed professionals do do this,,,,you get a captains license….after you have the experience… from the the Matitime and Coast Guard Authority in GB…..

    any yachting magazine…Yachting World over there, or Sail or Cruising World or Yachting over on this side of the Atlantic is full of ads for charter services and boats…..

    If you dont have an odd million dollars around, you can show up in any yachting port…Spain, France, Greece, South coast of England, any Caribbean Island…the British Virgin Islands in the fall and winter would work for you….and get an enty level job as a deckhand/mate so you can see just what is involved……..low pay, great adventure, cute girls, bad sunburn….who could ask for more?

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