Man hours and cost estimate for sailing yacht?

I would like to build a large sailboat someday; something seaworthy and comfortable enough for two to live on. How many man hours does it take to build a 60-75 foot sailing catamaran. what would the estimated cost be for raw materials. It would need to be fully outfitted and ready to man. I would not be building the entire boat–more like, I would be a general contractor, hiring craftsmen to work on different parts of the boat. I would plan on performing as much labor as would be reasonable considering my lack of experience and proper tools.

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  1. juanitodelgrande

    There is so much wrong with this question that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Ok, here goes: 1st off, a 60-75 foot cat is GIGANTIC. The Brady Bunch, the Addams Family, and the family from Eight Is Enough could all live on such a boat and still have room to spare. You only have 2 people, so I would scale it back to the 30 to 35 foot range. As far as man-hours goes, for such a large vessel, you are looking at 10,000 hours minimum, and more realistically 20,000 – 25,000 hours, or even more. Cost? Good luck there! What materials are you looking at? Wood? Figure $500,000 minimum, and that’s just for the hull and deck. FRP or aluminum? $1 million minimum.

    Good luck even finding plans for this type of vessel.

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