Cal 2-27 interior part 1 of 2

This is part 1 of 2 parts of the modifications I did to my 1975 Cal 2-27. I removed the diesel inboard and replaced it with a 4 hp outboard. This made the interior huge. There is a Cozy Cabin…

3 thoughts on “Cal 2-27 interior part 1 of 2

  1. Matt Saxton

    Does your 4hp outboard work well in rough conditions? I have a dying
    Farymann, and I’m looking into options. I too own a 2-27, just bought her.
    Keeping her in Emeryville for awhile, before heading to Vallejo for school.

  2. Jean Mondeau

    The 4 hp is ok as long as the waves don’t kick up too much. But it won’t
    power against winds over 15 knots very well at all. It’s a great spare to
    my 15 hp engine. It’s a huge improvement over the inboard. Clean, quiet,
    economical. I used the 4 hp for years but eventually upgraded to a 8 then
    10 and now 15. The 10 was plenty good but I can tow other boats with the
    15. Get the longest shaft available. 

  3. Jean Mondeau

    Regarding the Cozy Cabin Heater in the video right around 1;03 min. I no
    longer use the dryer hose for ventilation. It worked fine but now I just
    leave a window slightly open for ventilation. The heater uses up the cabin
    oxygen if you close all the windows then it will turn of (a safety function
    of the heater) during the night. Of course you wont notice it s off until
    you wake up in the cold. Just re-light it and all is well. 

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