Are there any good movies about Yacht sailing?

Sailing around Europe (or Somewhere)
I just really want to watch a movie about sailing around somewhere (doesn’t have to be a race, i was looking for something to do with escaping)

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One thought on “Are there any good movies about Yacht sailing?

  1. David R.

    There is one that you might want to see called The Dove (1974). This a movie adapted from the book about the true story of Robin Graham, a 16yr old who sailed single-handed non-stop around the world in a 23 ft ketch. I remember reading the book when it first came out. A well written great story. I never saw the movie because it seemed to stress the romantic side of when he meets a girl of about his own age part way through the voyage. The original book downplayed that aspect of the story. But you know Hollywood! It might be worth watching.

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